Lucia Caretti

Digital editor

I grew up in La Stampa: I started when I was twenty and I learned how to be a journalist. Since March 2020 I have coordinated the digital activities of the Specchio dei tempi and Specchio d'Italia foundations, two non-profit organization supported by the readers of GEDI Group newspapers, one of the most important media company in Italy. I'm studying Entrepreneurial Journalism at Newmark J School, City University of New York. I received a full tuition from Meta's Facebook Journalism Project. I love the mountains and play soccer. I’ve just got married, have a lot of hope for the future and had a special grandfather. He always said: «You must be able to do what others can't do».



In six years I have told: the dreams of high school students and young athletes. The human tide of World Youth Day. The chatter of people on the beach when the government falls. The running races at dawn and those with thousands of women who invade the centre. The nights of the snow cats on the ski runs and those under the arcades of the homeless. The eyes of an athlete wearing his first national blue jersey. The suitcase of a champion who leaves for the Olympics. The strength of a 20-year-old who wakes up from a coma. The desperation of those who remain after an avalanche.


Today I write stories and publicity, to raise funds online. I study the secrets of digital marketing, to collect more. I create headlines, layouts, take care of video projects, experiment with new ways of storytelling. I coordinate a team of technicians and build systems to innovate philanthropy: sites and automations that allow thousands of people to be helped. I like: drawing flows on the whiteboard, working in silence, having meetings with colleagues who are more able than me. Look far and imagine the future.


studying entrepreneurial journalism2022Newmark J School | Cuny
course on digital readers revenue2022Financial Times Strategies
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the new site of the
a prize for my
the stories of the elderly
10 thousand online donations collected
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Barbara Bonansea with
the video-series Sci Senza
Jacopo, the jumper reborn after a coma2018La Stampa
a survey on siblings of disabled people2017La Stampa
reportage from WYD in


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